Alternative Artworks presents: 8

Miller Theater, 708 Broad Street, Augusta, GA. September 5, 2014 6:00-10:00 pm

Work Statement

Columbia County in Georgia  is on the verge of becoming what Joel Garreau calls new urban centers: an Edge City. Garreau defines the term, as “Cities, because they contain all the functions a city ever has, albeit in a spread-out form that few have come to recognize for what it is. Edge, because they are a vigorous world of pioneers and immigrants, rising far from the old downtowns, where little save villages or farmland lay only thirty years before.” *

 Go West offers varied perspectives on the influx of new housing in the greater Augusta area, but it is representative of all metropolitan areas that struggle to meet conflicting demands of population growth, urban blight and crime, and the ceaseless desire for the American Dream.

As more people settle west of Augusta in Columbia County, the center of the metropolitan area becomes stretched, fragmented, and dispersed. Searching for the Lost Center visualizes the demand for shopping areas closer to where people live, as well as the cost to the heart of the community. Not only do national chain stores put local shops out of business, but also they provide little support for the local community.