Site of Becoming: Laney Walker AGA

The story of the Laney Walker neighborhood in Augusta, Georgia is a familiar tale. In the 1960s the historically black community was thriving, with fully occupied single family homes and businesses including the Lenox Theater. With the 1980s, businesses and residents migrated to the suburbs, leaving empty storefronts and houses. In 2008, the Augusta-Richmond County government approved long-term funding for a multi-phased redevelopment, growth, and sustainability in this historic community.


Site of Becoming: Laney Walker AGA invites people to share their ideas through social media of “what could be”—how the featured historical buildings in need of ‘love’ by way of preservation and occupation—would best serve the current community. Select locations are “tagged” with posters or stickers stating, “This is a site of becoming. What could it be?” Responses will be recorded and archived in a digital gallery. A walking guide highlights the ongoing revitalization of the Manchester neighborhood while honoring its history, and encourages the community to take up civic action in designing a neighborhood that serves their needs and leisure activities.


Coming in 2017.

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