A new series is developing in 2017, Silenced, to promote greater awareness of gun violence and gun safety.

Silenced: Daily Record, 2017, mixed media drawings; a ledger of all the reported gun deaths for the day. The ledger pages are compiled with information from the Gun Violence Archive.

Silenced: January-December, 2017, mixed media drawings; this series documents the reported monthly injuries and deaths due to gun violence.


Silenced: For the Ones I Love, 2017, mixed media drawings; this series focuses on the daily occurrences of guns used in domestic violence, whether significant others, spouses, or family.

Silenced: [currently untitled], 2017, mixed media drawings commemorating the victims of mass shooting events.

Images will appear soon (once I am satisfied!).


See the link in the menu for an earlier, related project, Do You Know Where Your Guns Are?