June 2019: HOME residency

An unexpected schedule change presented the opportunity for experimentation. It was too late to apply for artist residencies, but I could make my own for the month of June.

Welcome to my HOME residency. The plan: focusing on a few projects-in-progress, and blogging a little bit about the research and development that has been going on for months now on some of these projects. It’s ambitious, but I’m feeling energized and strongly motivated TO GET SOME THINGS DONE.

Expect to see more about Silenced: Yearly Records 2014-2018, Silenced: Domestic Report, and Silenced: [still working on title domestic gun violence]; possibly even a little about a new umbrella series Sub_Urban, with Sub_Urban: Borderlands, and Sub_Urban: Where are the 12 Oaks?

Also, welcome to the updated website. There are still a few adjustments and additions coming, but I welcome any constructive feedback (especially navigation issues).

More soon!