The Oasis Mobile Art Project 2014-2017

The Oasis Mobile Art Project (2014-2017) was the first iteration of a vehicle for social-engaged art collaboration.

MISSION: The Oasis Mobile Art Project is a cultural project that promotes artistic excellence and innovation while building relationships and effecting positive change within a community. TOMAP seeks to

  • Support and facilitate opportunities for artists to work within the community by contacting community groups, arranging resources, and planning informational and educational activities;
  • Provide communities experiences with art outside conventional parameters by experimenting with presentation and broadening the notion of art in public places;
  • Generate events that engage the local community and explore its histories and contemporary stories;
  • Create dialogue and interaction by inviting and respecting multiple points of view

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[Below is the text from a presentation planned for the 2017 SECAC conference panel Art and Artists in Rural Places. I was not able to attend last minute due to a death in the family. I include it here as a record of the creation and demise of TOMAP, my minor successes and major stumbles, and how the project’s mission might live again in another form.]

COMING SOON [with 2019 edits]